Enclosure Electroplating Dielectric Machining Assembly Testing

Production capacity and technical equipment of electroplating

The electroplating workshop has the operation area of nearly 10,000mwith 12 production lines, and can be used for automatic and semi-automatic production of silver plating, zinc plating, chromium plating and electro-polishing. The degree of automation, operation mode and environmental protection measures have reached domestic advanced level. Relying on the advanced equipment, NHVS has developed mature and stable electroplating techniques which can satisfy the electroplating quality and productivity requirements for conductors and other key parts of various high voltage switchgear products.


Silver-plated copper automatic production line

Silver-plated copper automatic production line and silver-plated aluminum automatic production line adopt advanced PLC programmable control. Automatic control of lathe makes the parts to move and lift up and down; automatic adjustment of electroplated current or voltage and tank liquor temperature controls the electroplated data completely within range required by technique; automatic control of electroplated time ensures the parts to reach required plating thickness after coming from the tank; automatic control of cathode movement improves plating quality and makes plating more delicate and uniform; automatic control of air agitation and tank water replenishing ensure washing quality of parts. Electroplated solution adopts continuous filtration, which cleans the solution and keeps constant liquid level of the tank.


Aluminum silver-plating automatic production line

The aluminum conductor silver-plated production line has unique features in the same industry, and adopts silver-plated trough mode for aluminum conductor under 5-meter. It changes the backward status of thoroughly manual plating for busbar conductor, and avoids the situations that manual operation is hard to control the quality.