Enclosure Electroplating Dielectric Machining Assembly Testing

Production capacity and technical equipment of insulation pouring parts

NHVS is in leading level of the same industry for insulation pouring equipments and capacity. NHVS has 7 insulation pouring production lines, and 5 of them are imported from Germany, with the equipment and technique reaching world advanced level; more than 60 curing oven by domestic famous manufacturers, and nearly 40 of them are procured after 2007; 2 large cold isostatic presses to manufacture nozzle, 5 oil presses, 7 high-temperature sintering box, and more than 20 machines for machining.


Pouring line for insulation parts


Pouring line for insulation parts

For the vacuum pouring equipments imported from Germany, the complete process (from mixing to pouring) is done in vacuum state and controlled by computer process, and the process control is realized through electronic weighing, static mixing, thin film on-line degassing and automatic temperature compensation. The devices adopts full system vacuum pouring and double metering pump to realize continuous pouring; the metering system adopts linear grating ruler, pressure sensor and flowmeter to monitor pouring status, and the accuracy can be up to 0.01 mm. The automatic process control production line has reached internationally advanced level, and production technical requirement and production capacity requirement for various insulation pouring parts of high voltage switchgear products, including ultra high voltage products of large disk insulators.


Large trolley type curing oven

There are 62 trolley type curing ovens in the insulation workshop, and all of them are centrally controlled by computers. Temperature-controlled meter is Dahua Chino meter, the temperature control is automatically tuned by PID to ensure uniformity and accuracy of furnace temperature. The curing ovens are equipped with over-temperature protection and over-temperature sound-light alarm system, providing effective guarantee for stable quality.


Cold isostatic press

Cold isostatic press is the advanced equipment to compact high-quality powder products, and is mainly used for molding of powder products, molding before parts are sintered and work-blank pre-molding before hot isostatic pressing. The compacted products made by cold isostatic press have large density, uniform thickness, favorable isotropy performance and wide range of compaction. The products with large total dimension, slenderness ratio and complicated shape can be compacted by the machine. Rate of pressure rise for the machine is fast; pressure report is reliable; pressure relief is stable; and the operation is simple.


High-temperature sintering box

The high-temperature sintering box is used for sintering and molding of nozzle parts, and shall be used together with cold isostatic press to manufacture nozzles. Temperature-controlled meter is Dahua Chino meter, and the temperature control is automatically tuned by PID to ensure uniformity and accuracy of furnace temperature. The temperature curve is automatically controlled by PLC system, accurately ensuring the products to realize qualified curing and molding as per technical requirements.