Enclosure Electroplating Dielectric Machining Assembly Testing

Machining production capacity and technical equipment

NHVS has machining production operation area of nearly 7,000m2, and more than 140 sets of various devices (more than 40 sets of numerically controlled devices). Among all the devices, Japanese Mori Seiki Horizontal Machining Center, USA Hurco Numerically Controlled Lathe and Japanese Mitsubishi Machining Center have reached international level, and can satisfy precision requirement for key parts machining of high voltage switchgear products; the annual metalworking man-hour is 1 million hours, and the production capacity can ensure productivity requirement of key machining parts.


Exterior of metalworking workshop


Horizontal machining center (Japanese Mitsubishi)


Horizontal machining center (Japanese Mori Seiki)


Numerically controlled lathe (USA Hurco)

In order to improve the quality of key machining parts, NHVS has successively brought in several machining devices in recent years, such as the numerically controlled lathe (include automatic bar feeder) produced by USA Hurco company for improving the manufacturing quality and efficiency of insulator center conductors and various flanges, numerically controlled horizontal machining center (produced by Japan Mori Seiki company, and the workbench is 630×630)) for improving the quality and efficiency of key machining parts such as valve body, the simple numerically controlled lathe for improving productivity, and large numerically controlled gantry boring and milling machining center for precise machining of large parts. Both numerically controlled lathe and horizontal machining center have reached international level.


Full-featured computer numerically controlled lathe (machining for high precision shaft parts)

The lathe is imported from the USA and equipped with automatic bar feeder to realize continuous automatic manufacturing, and can be loaded with up to 12 blades to realize continuous machining of multi-working procedures.


Numerically controlled boring and milling machine (multi-surface finish machining for large parts)

The machine possesses big workbench, and can realize multi-surface primary shape clamp continuous machining for medium and large complex parts, with high machining precision and stable performance.


Horizontal machining centre (multi-surface finish machining for key structural parts)

Japan-imported horizontal machining center can realize three-shaft linkage, and finish four-surface processing at one time with high precision. This machine has stable quality, and can bear processing parts with complex structure and high precision, including enclosure, working cylinder and support connector.


Numerically controlled gantry type boring and milling machine (finish machining for large parts)

The lathe adopts fixed trabeated gantry type frame structure, fixed machine body, and bolt connection between double columns and both sides of machine body. Workbench moves by shaft X on the machine body, spindle box moves in the shape of “Z” on sliding saddle, and the sliding saddle and spindle box move in the shape of “Y” on the beam. The lathe has functions of drilling, boring, milling, extending, reaming, rigid tapping, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, helix interpolation and linkage of three coordinates. Dimension of workbench is 2000mm*3000mm, and the lathe is mainly used for machining of moulds and conductors.