Enclosure Electroplating Dielectric Machining Assembly Testing

Assembly and testing abilities

The assembly and testing of all the products can be done in the assembly workshop and testing hall in the new production base. The workshop has advanced equipment, complete supporting facilities and scientific process layout, which has gained great reputation from relative experts from State Grid Corporation and ABB Company. The full load operation can match product assembly capacity worth of RMB ten billion per year.


Exterior of assembly workshop

The assembly working area inside the workshop is nearly 40,000m2. The workshop is a totally enclosed purified area; purification level of the sub-assembly area is level 100,000, and the general assembly area is level 1,000,000. Assembly workshop has several functional areas, including sub-assembly area, general assembly area, testing area, packaging area and warehouse. It also has the testing hall for 1100kV products, which can do power frequency withstand voltage test, radio interference test, partial discharge test, lightning impulse test and switching impulse test for products of various voltages.


Three-dimensional warehouse equipped with the world top three-way narrow passageway forklift


Interior of assembly workshop


SF6 central gas supply main station is integrated with air inflation, recycling and storing, treatment for exceeding gas


Crank arm ascending truck


A corner of the testing hall; The six surfaces of testing hall are shielded, and the wireless shielding effect is up to 80dB