Enclosure Electroplating Dielectric Machining Assembly Testing

High performance of major testing equipment and testing instrument 

1、NHVS is equipped with Germany imported 960 non-partial discharge testing transformer, complete set of 1600kV power frequency testing device from MWB, and five sets of domestic renowned 1250kV armored-type non-partial discharge testing transformer, whose voltage is of the highest voltage level in the world. With the world leading technology, power frequency voltage withstand test and partial discharge test could be measured in one-time on GIS via the testing interface device, free from influence of the ambient environment. 


 1250kV armored-type testing transformer 

1465285391546537.png 1600kVcomplete set of power frequency testing device from MWB 

2、Besides 4800kV as its highest voltage level, there are other impulse voltage generators like 2800kV, 3200kV and 3000kV.


4800kV impulse voltage generator

3、High performance of CT testing & analysis device 

The internationally renowned CT testing equipment, whose weight is only 8kg, is a multifunctional electric device that grants secondary tester with conveninent operation on site. It is used to test and analyse CT excitation curve, ratio, polarity, coil resistance, load impedance,  residual magnetism, secondary time constant etc. steady and transient characteristics. The CT parameter test could be completed within one minute, which is precise and effective. 



4、Different types of HV switchgear mechanical characteristics testers

NHVS is equipped with dozens of HV switchgear mechanical characteristics testers, developed by domestic notable manufacturers. Being handy and well-equipped, it serves for mechanical and electrical characteristics test of circuit breaker, disconnector, earthing switch in both assembly workshop and installation site. It could measure time constant of 12 main contacts and 6 resistor contacts. Linear transducer and special transducer will be used to measure the route and speed. 


 HV switchgear mechanical characteristics tester  


HV switchgear mechanical characteristics tester

5、Large current micro-ohmmeter

The company has advanced large current micro-ohmmeters imported from Sweden to test the contact resistance of HV circuit breakers, disconnectors, earthing switches and busbars, with output current: 0-600A DC, testing range: 0-200 mΩ, resolution: 1μΩ



6、Moisture tester

The company owns several imported portable digital high intelligence SF6 dew point and volume percentage testers, specifically designed to test the humidity and purity of SF6 in SF6 circuit breaker and GIS. The humidity measurement of SF6 circuit breaker and GIS shall be conducted under system pressure or standard pressure, with the data (dew, frost point) displayed in PPMV. Condensation is adopted for the two measurements to directly and accurately measure the actual dew point and has avoided error caused by inertia and lag. 


7、SF6 quantitative leak detector

The company has the most advanced SF6 quantitative leak detector manufactured by famous British manufacturer. The instrument is designed and manufactured for HV switchgear SF6 leakage point, leakage test and SF6 testing, the anion capture detector combined with advanced sensor technology, high sensitivity: 1E—8cc/sec. 0.1 ppm; efficient measurement, response time: less than 1s, with time to return to zero also less than 1s; wire length: standard 5m-15m, convenient for testing from high position on assembling site; also equipped with SF6 calibration source of 3E-7cc/sec referential leakage range, thus the instrument calibration only needs 1 minute.


8、AC withstand voltage tester

The company owns the AC withstand voltage tester imported from America applicable to test electrical insulation strength of three-wire installation and other facilities. When there is failure, the system will initiate automatic turn-off procedure with display prompt and voice prompt.



Digital HV dielectric resistor tester