R&D Ability

       NHVS is the key domestic manufacturing base specialized for the production of high-voltage, ultra-high voltage and extra-high voltage power transmission equipment; and is a renowned modern enterprise with leading technologies, equipments, manufacturing and management in the world.

 NHVS has professional talents and teams for product development, engineering design, product technology, insulation pouring, enclosure manufacturing, welding, metal-cutting processing, electroplating, thermal treatment, coating, assembly, inspection, testing, installation and other supporting specialized professionals. NHVS also possess pressure vessel design and manufacturing qualifications. It has professional laboratories for insulation, welding, electroplating and coating, and its main manufacturing equipments and testing equipments have reached international advanced level. NHVS is one of the key members for the formulation and revision of domestic HV switchgear standard and has the qualification for producing HV switchgear products in domestic and oversea market.

 Our R&D team possesses  technologies and experiences for the design and development of high voltage switchgear products, and has the solid technological base needed for new product development and technology storage. NHVS has professional computation and analysis labs with various types of computation and analysis software; including electromagnetic field analysis, static and dynamic force analysis, fluency analysis, electric field analysis and electromagnetic transient characteristics analysis software etc. Through calculation and simulation of the electric field intensity, arc extinction process, mechanical characteristic and strength for HV switchgear products, NHVS is able to perform theoretical analysis and description with mathematical model, and provides guidance for the design and R&D of HV switchgear products. In addition, NHVS also opts PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system for the management of product data. Through self-dependent innovation, NHVS has many domestic leading HV switchgear products and acquires many national patents for products.


Our design and research & development team also cooperates closely with universities and colleges about aspects like electric field analysis, flow field analysis, mechanical strength analysis, pressure vessel calculation, anti-seismic performance analysis and VFTO calculation to achieve the combination of production & study & research. NHVS has advanced test inspection equipments which provide verification measures for the R & D of new products and accumulate test data.

NHVS focuses on self R&D as well as importing product technology from renowned foreign enterprise. Based on , and masters core technologies to realize independent innovation and upgrading of the product. By doing this, NHVS owns intellectual property right of leading edge high-tech products of the same kind. NHVS Our products cover whole series of HV switchgear equipments like 72.5kV~1100kV SF6 GIS, 126kV~550kV SF6 live tank circuit breaker, 126kV~800kV SF6 dead tank circuit breaker,126kV~1100kV disconnector and earthing switch, 18kV~24kV generator circuit breakers, etc.. In recent years, NHVS has constantly strengthened the technology and R&D inputsinvestment; the whole series of products have achieved technology upgrading and replacement with leading domestic and advanced international level.

NHVS will devote to the great development of key and core technology with own intellectual property right and strive to the improvement of the capability of original and integrated innovation. According to requirement of customers, NHVS constantly develops environmental-friendly high voltage products with large capacity, compactness, intelligence, composite type, high reliability and low cost. NHVS achieves the virtuous cycle for new product development which is manufacturing one generation of HV switchgear, developing one generation and reserving one generation by continuously improving the process technology and perfecting the process capability.