New Northeast Electric Group High Voltage Switchgear Co., Warehousing & Logistics Department (hereinafter as NHVS Warehousing & Logistics) supplies semi-products and ancillary parts for the assembly production line. Geographically it is composed of Shenyang and Yingkou two sites covering an area of 24849 . There are more than 5000 storage lots stockpiling more than 25000 commodities. 

Warehousing & Logistics Department is consisted of raw material warehouse, ancillary warehouse, chemical warehouse and disconnector warehouse, mainly for storing, receiving & dispatching and maintaining of products like ferrous metal, nonferrous metal, standard component, electric cable, outsourcing parts and self-made products etc. The MRP system will disassemble the production plan and provide raw materials and ancillary parts to different workshops to ensure the smooth production. 



NHVS Warehousing & Logistics is equipped with high-positioned storage rack, heavy storage rack, loft-type storage rack and light storage rack. Totally there are more than 5000 storage racks and flat stockpiles. By adopting first-in-first-out, batch management principles, various material and ancillary parts are well stored. With advanced transferring equipment like high-positioned forklift, ordinary forklift, tractor and remote-controlled crane etc., transportation of goods is assured. 


Internally, NHVS Warehousing & Logistics will gradually achieve feeding in a combined method of pushing and pulling, plan production according to parts demanding manner and plan, and feed with complete sets within the warehouse; externally, it will practice Vender Managed Inventory (VMI) step by step, improve quick response and efficient customer response, reduce inventory cost and enhance logistics flexibility.

As its business expands, using Warehouse Management System (WMS) for future delicacy management and optimization of the warehouse logistics, NHVS Warehousing & Logistics will grow into a professional third-party logistics service provider over a given time, which does not only meet productive logistics demands inside the factory by means of central delivery, but also accomplishes commercial storage and bulk cargo sale, etc. outside the company.